Fluifort (carbocysteine lysine salt) - original Italian product with high quality.
Mechanism of action of carbocysteine is associated with activation of sialic tranferase - enzyme of goblet cells of bronchus mucous membrane. It normalizes quantity rate of acid and neutral syalomucines of bronchial mucous restoring viscosity and elasticity of mucous.
It encourages regeneration of mucous, normalizes it structure, activate ciliated epithelium. It restores secretion of immunology active IgA (specific protection) and quantity of sulfhydryl groups of mucous components (non specific protection), improves mucociliary clearance.
Action of carbocysteine extends on all divisions of respiratory tract, upper and lower, that are involved in pathologic process and also paranasal sinuses and middle ear and inner ear.
Fluifort - carbocysteine lysine salt. Compound of carbocysteine with lysine increases solubility and ensures its fast and full absorption and also encourages neutralization of its acidity (from pH 3 to pH 6.8) thereby the risk of adverse reactions from gastrointestinal tract decreases considerably. Besides carbocysteine lysisne salt has fast pharmacological effect.

Fluifort is produced in two drug forms:
- Fluifort granules for oral solution 2.7 g
- Fluifort syrup 90 mg/ml

Advantages of Fluifort:

- Fluifort acts direct on grandular cells of airways, normalizes quantity and composition of mucous not depending from its initial conditions in contrast to mucolitics.
- Concentration of antibiotics in airways and middle ear mucous increases in 20% in simultaneous administration of antibiotics and Fluifort.
- Fluifort strengthens local immunity as it increases quantity of secretory immunoglobulin A produced by goblet cells.
- Fluifort - carbocysteine lysine salt. In contrast to acid form of carbocysteine (pH 3) carbocysteine lysine salt is neutral compound (pH 6.8), well soluble in water so it doesn't irritate gastric mucus membrane.
- Fluifort has so called postmucoactive effect: after 4-days treatment course normalization of mucous viscosity and elasticity and mucociliary transport keeps during 8-13 days.
- Fluifort is produced in two convenient forms: granules and syrup.
- Fluifort granules is used 1 time a day that is very convenient.
- Besides Fluifort can be administrated by diabetic patients because it doesn't contain saccharose.
- Fluifort syrup with pleasant cherry taste can be administrated in children from 1 year. Package of syrup contains measuring cap that is very convenient for children and well fit to adult patients who prefer syrup.