Artrosilene (ketoprofene lysine salt) - original Italian product with high quality.
Ketoprofene - non steroid anti-inflammatory drug that has antiinflammation, analgesic ant antipyretic activity.
Artrosilene is lysine salt of ketoprofene that gives good solubility.
Artrosilene is produced in five drug forms:
- Artrosilene capsules 320 mg
- Artrosilene solution for injection 160 mg/2 ml
- Artrosilene suppositories 160 mg
- Artrosilene gel 5%
- Artrosilene cutaneous foam 15%

Artrosilene advantages:

- More controllable parenteral liquid drug forms
- Quickly absorb and quickly acting drug forms for oral and rectal administration
- Original (уникальные) highly concentrated drug forms for local use
- Better tolerability (comparing to ketoprofene)
- Different drug forms allows to conduct effective treatment curse with one drug product.
Artrosilene capsules - fast release of pain and inflammation
- 1 capsule - 320 mg ketoprofene lysine salt in 460 micro granules. Single administartion
- 1 time a day administration
- Fast effective and long lasting action (it starts 30 minutes and lasts 24 hours)
- Retard micro granules ensure uniform distribution in stomach and minimal contact with gastric mucous
Artrosilene injections - fast release of pain and inflammation
- Fast analgesic effect
- Active ingredient is dissolved in 2 ml and ready for use intramuscular and intravenous
- Stability of solution is guaranteed by effective light protection (amber-glass ampoules)
- Solution has physiological pH
- Osmolarity is near to range (275-295 mOsm/kg) that are compatible with biologic liquids
- Solution doesn't't contain allergenic components and preservatives that allow to avoid local side reactions
Artrosilene suppositories - fast release of pain and inflammation
- Fast analgesic effect
- It can be used as alternative to oral administration for everybody who haven't possibility to make injections
Artrosilen aerosol 15% - fast local release of pain and inflammation
- High concentration in center of inflammation (120 mkg/ml)
- Plasma peak concentration in soft tissues is achieved in 20 minutes
- It doesn't cause irritation and dryness of skin (ethanol 0,3%)
- Low systematic absorption (0,38%)
Artrosilene gel 5% - fast local release of pain and inflammation
- Effective concentration of active ingredient in tissues
- Low systematic absorption (not more than 1,35%)
- It doesn't cause irritation and dryness of skin (ethanol < 5%)
For the patients with rheumatoid arthritis it is recommended the following scheme: acute pain period - injection (suppositories), than switch to capsules together with local form.